Parent-Based Approach

Investing in their future


Parent/Guardian Training and Mediated Intervention

Guidance & Inspiration

Consultations provided to Parents/Guardians to increase their knowledge and skills specific to their child/youth’s individual needs. Parents/Guardians can choose to receive training in areas of their choice, mediated intervention in which parents/guardians are trained to work directly with their child on a variety of goals (this may be done directly during virtual consultation times), or a combination of both. Parent/Guardian training services are provided virtually and individualized to meet the needs of each family.

ABA Parent/Guardian Training Curriculum

Guidance & Inspiration

This is a prescribed 27 lesson parent/guardian training, following the curriculum developed by ABA Parent Training. Parents/guardians will receive 27 structured lessons, each of which allow for flexibility and individualization to their child/youth. All lessons are centered on research-supported content geared to support Parents/Guardians in implementing Applied Behaviour Analysis strategies at home. Topics include “What is ASD?”, “What is ABA?”, “4 functions of behaviour”, “Self-care as a Parent or Caregiver”, “Social Skills”, “Communication Skills”, and many more.

Cooking Lesson