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BCBA/BCaBA Supervision: Services

What you can expect

How our team supports your family

Our highly-skilled, passionate Behaviour Therapists and BCBAs work hard to provide the best possible outcomes for your child.

Home-based therapy allows our therapists to provide therapy in the comfort of your home. We offer therapy for newly diagnosed and young children, school-age children, adolescents and young adults.

Therapy hours can range from 1-30 hours per week, depending on the needs of your child. Therapy will focus on skill acquisition and management of challenging behaviours.

We use a combination of natural environment teaching (NET), incidental teaching, and structured teaching methods.

Therapy goals are developed based on skills assessments, behavioural assessments, and family input. These goals may include Functional Communication, Pre-academic Skills, Imitation Skills, Self-Help Skills, Social Skills, Academic Supports, and/or Reduction of Unwanted Behaviours.

VBS meets all the requirements put forth by the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services (MCCSS) for the Ontario Autism Program (OAP).

Our Clinical Director, Margaret (Peggy) O’Flaherty M.Ed., BCBA, has been a certified Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) since 2014 and is a qualified Clinical Supervisor for families participating in the OAP.

BCBA/BCaBA Supervision: Welcome

In-Home Services

VBS is proud to provide exceptional in-home ABA and IBI therapy for families in Windsor Essex and Chatham-Kent.

ABA/IBI therapy is considered the ‘Gold Standard’ for teaching individuals with Autism. This therapy is an evidence-based approach and is individualized to focus on the areas of learning and behaviour goals specific to your child.

Our ABA/IBI therapy includes:

1:1 therapy with your child

Supervised and personalized support 

Skills assessments

Set attainable goals for your child based on where they are

Development of behaviour intervention plans

Learn in the comfort of your home

Parent consultations/training

Learn the tools for long-term goal attainment and maintenance

BCBA working with kids on handwashing with handsanitzer in the home in Amherstburg, Ontario
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