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Privacy Policy

Confidentiality and Data Protection

The privacy and confidentiality of our clients is of the utmost importance.

We are committed to only collecting, using, and sharing your personal information responsibly and only when necessary for the services we provide.

Virtual Behaviour Services Inc. takes every reasonable precaution to protect the privacy of our clients.


We use healthcare grade Zoom accounts, which comply with all Canadian privacy acts, including PIPEDA (Personal Electronic Protection and Electronic Documents Act) and PHIPA (Personal Health Information Protection Act).


Electronic data and sensitive documents are stored on our CentralReach database which also assures the confidentiality of our clients and complies with PIPEDA and PHIPA. Documents will be stored electronically for 10 years after the child/youth’s 18th birthday and/or 10 years after services are complete, (whichever comes first and is most applicable); at which point all documents will be destroyed.


In addition, CentralReach offers a secure instant messaging option, which may be used with parents/guardians. 

We are available to you while you are in service. We can be reached by phone, instant messaging, or email.


NOTE: E-mail is not considered a private way of communicating. It is possible that these messages could be seen by others. We will only communicate with you by email with your permission 

**sending an email to any VBS Inc. staff is considered permission to communicate via email.

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