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PRT Certified Clinic

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In-home ABA therapy

Learn in the comfort of your home

VBS is proud to provide exceptional in-home ABA and IBI therapy for families in Windsor-Essex.

ABA/IBI therapy is considered the ‘Gold Standard’ for teaching individuals with Autism. This therapy is an evidence-based approach and is individualized to focus on the areas of learning and behaviour goals specific to your child.

Supervised and personalized support 

Set attainable goals for your child based on where they are

Learn in the comfort of your home

Learn the tools for long-term goal attainment and maintenance

Father and Son Playing
Mom cuddling her two young boys after successful BCBA parent training

Services for Parents & Guardians

We work best when we work together

Virtual Behaviour Services believes that Parents and Guardians are the experts when it comes to their own children. They are the most important member of their child/youth’s team. Your understanding of the ABA-based principles and treatment used with your child/youth, along with your active participation, greatly benefits your child/youth’s short-term and long-term learning.

Confidential and personalized

Knowledge and skills specific to your child

 27 structured, individualized, and flexible lessons

Determine goals to achieve next steps

Family on the couch following along with Virtual Behaviour Services on their tablet.

If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn

Ignacio Estrada

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Behaviour Analyst Certification

Gain practical experience from anywhere

We offer virtual supervision of independent fieldwork experience hours to candidates seeking BCBA or BCaBA certification through the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board. Some BCBA candidates may have the option of obtaining some of their hours with clients of Virtual Behaviour Services Inc., primarily focusing on Parent/Guardian Consultation and Parent/Guardian Mediated Intervention. BCBA candidates are also encouraged to work with their own clients outside of VBS Inc.

Apply your experience

Learn the skills for early intervention

Learn from anywhere

Outside clinical setting

BCBA student completing Behaviour Analyst training online with Peggy

Our team

We're passionate about parent-training 

Peggy BCBA and founder of VBS
Natalie Care Manager
Sarah BCBA and Clinical Supervisor
Ashlynn BCBA and Clinical Supervisor
Svetlana BCBA and Clinical Supervisor
Kaity administrative assistant for VBS
Halley Behaviour Therapist at VBS
Oz Behaviour Therapist at VBS
Mira Behaviour Therapist at VBS
Rose Behaviour Therapist at VBS
Sydney Behaviour Therapist at VBS
Jenna Behaviour Therapist at VBS
Tatum Behaviour Therapist at VBS
Jada Behaviour Therapist at VBS
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VBS - Sisira Raj .png
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For parents and BCBA/BCaBA certification

Ontario Autism Program
Ministry of Children

Community and Social Services

Learn about the Ontario Autism Program and support for children with autism. Find out how to register for the program and get information about the waitlist and different funding and service options.

Special Services
At Home

Funding for goods and services during COVID-19

Families can apply for funding of temporary direct support workers. Eligible expenses include sensory items, technology, items for home-based fitness and activities, and many others.

Easter Seals Incontinence Grant

For diapers and incontinence supplies

The Incontinence Supplies Grant is an annual grant, made in two payments, provided to families to offset some of the costs for diapers and certain supplies for incontinence.

Pre-Register for In-Home Services
Offered to residents of Windsor-Essex.

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